"Instant intimacy" -- that's what TIMs are looking for in women's bathrooms. But I can make a comment to another woman at the sinks and we both laugh because, though we've never met, we share a set of common experiences. No matter how hard they try, TIMs will never have that.

I wish articles like these were still allowed to be published in major outlets. Social media democratized who got to speak but limited what we were allowed to say. In a way, we’ve gone backwards.

It would be considered hate speech now - oh no, how dare she criticize the horrible and overbearing physicality looks of this man brave transwoman basically stalking her! How dare she draw parallels between his boundary stomping and rape! How dare she call him an it, the inhumanity! Doesn't she know she needs to remain civil always? etc. etc.

I really admire it as an absolutely unflinching look at the truth of TiMs, devoid of any false politeness or mincing of words. In these lines from 30 years ago I recognize every TiM of today (manipulative, perverted, delusional).

The only difference there to TiMs of today is the obvious: TiMs back then kissed up to the big feminists of the day and sought to find "friendship" and "common ground" (lol), because they were laughed at by society. Now that they've come into so much social power (piggybacking off other social movements) they've dropped the mask of sweetness and joviality. The same interaction of the opening paragraphs today wouldn't be him sneakily trying to get photographed with her and giving presents, it'd be him and 20 other greasy TiMs shouting into her face and telling her she'll deserve violence because she's not "centering trans women" in her feminism.

beautiful piece.

though i think she berates herself too much for being polite. in general i agree that we shouldn't be polite just to protect people's feelings. but sadly i think the people who were pestering her would have continued to do so regardless of whether she had given them short shrift or not.

[–] Tortoisemouse 5 points Edited

Great article. I love Germaine Greer.

Not wanting to break the rules by starting a debate, but this is a kind of weird statement:

Women's other erotic relationships, with their babies in particular, are denied or presumed to imitate the male paradigm and therefore to be invasive and genitally fixated.

Women's relationships with their babies: intensely intimate, deeply pleasurable, physical, loving, joyful. But erotic? Not the right word.

It's an interesting use of words, for sure. It challenged me to look at this through another lens. Because we DO see "erotic" through a male lens, generally. It's sexually stimulating and there's probably and orgasm at the end.

Her usage sounds more like, a deep, bodily sense of pleasure and fulfillment, through connection with another human being. And for women, it does encompass for more than just sex with a partner. Our complete "sex" life includes the resulting pregnancy and baby. It doesn't end on the night of conception. Our sex organs work for months on end, and we continue to have our bodies governed by them, for years after.

It may not be the most common usage of Erotic, but I'm here for it. I appreciate the poetic licence.

Thank you for this really thoughtful contribution. Sometimes it's good to be challenged, as here by Greer, because it stimulates to look at things in a different way. Perhaps that was her point.

Maybe she means 'having to do with love generally' not with sexual love specifically? I found it odd too.

[–] MissBehaved 3 points Edited

This stood out to me and really bothered me. I've never seen the word erotic used in this context and looking it up in a dictionary for an alternative definition wasn't helpful either; it explicitly refers to sexual desire. I hesitate to share this article because there is already so much push to sexualise children. It's a good piece otherwise.

are orgasms not inherently erotic? they can happen during breastfeeding and even some childbirths.

No I don't think orgasms are inherently erotic, they can be a purely mechanical physiological response. I would say women who orgasm during breastfeeding are experiencing non-sexual, non-erotic orgasms that occur due to the body releasing high levels of oxytocin to produce the milk/let-down, combined with nipple stimulation. There is no erotic/sexual component either to the process or to the relationship between mother and baby.

Man, I need to reread The Female Eunuch. I think I was too young to appreciate it the first time.

Me too. Read it in my 20s and I found it, well, interesting. Now I think I'll find it a missed revelation.