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I'm convinced that if you genuinely believe in gender ideology, you would have to think of GC women as nonbinary or agender, given that we profess that we don't have a gender identity. But it's not about a genuine belief in gender ideology; it's about hate and control over women. And they can't let us have our own ideas about our own sex.

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It's a like a religion, only their texts and interpretations are correct and we're supposed to fall in line.

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I've said I dont have a gender identity in response to a thread on Facebook and got told I must be non binary then. I think the idea of just being a non believer at all blows their mind a bit

I just like the Get Out Of Pronouning Free card this Tumblr post represents...

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I once had someone in the ol' debate sub tell me that I'm not a woman but an "agender female" because I dont do gender.

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The fuck even, lmao. That's so dumb it makes me angry. Also it's so wishy washy and vague like, anyone can be anything if they say they are - or they get told what they are by crazies. 'agender female', lmao. Sometimes gender and sex seem like the same thing to them, and sometimes it's not...

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Yep - and if anyone disagrees with you, they’re saying you don’t exist and it’s literally violence!

[–] yikesforever 2 points (+3|-1)

And they basically use this line to shut down any debate. 'I'm not going to listen to someone who thinks I don't exist'.

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I find it hard to even articulate a rational reason why something is a lie (ie, "i feel like a woman because I like pink" = a 'woman' is not defined by preferences or personality type). Feels like my brain isn't even able to make connections like that post does, or, "use their logic against them." I'm so used to simple parallels being shot down, like ""feeling" like a cat vs "feeling" like a woman, even though they are literally the same level of absurd.

"1+1 is 3, not 4!" My brain hurts.

Also, what if I want my cat to be a dog, but she herself doesn't identify as a dog? This is so complex... /s

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Lol, that's just it. Somebody says, straight faced: that's not a dog, it's a cat. How in the hell are you supposed to respond?

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Get out of here with your critical thinking and reason and logic!! 🤣