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The "young women don't listen to older women because society views them as outdated" view is true to an extent, but it's not the main culprit. I would have killed for any kind of older female role model when I was younger, but feminists just do not seem to do a lot of outreach to young women. We get exposed to religion, politics, media, and experience at least a decade or two of socialization before girls happen upon actual feminist ideas and media.

I've seen tonsss of posts complaining that TRAs go after children and how early children are exposed to misogynistic ideas. I've also seen a lot of complaints from posters who are a bit older about memes made based on things like cartoons/anime which are more likely to catch the eye of young people (and the complaints boiled down to "I don't like looking at this")

At some point feminists need to look at our own tactics and start figuring out where we can strategize and do better.

I can't be the only person who reads "older women" and has a slurry of negative feelings rush in regarding my relationships to the older women in my life - not because I see them as 'past their prime' - but because they treat me with condescension and seem to never cease in exploiting their higher spot in the social pecking order. I've tried my damnedest to not treat my younger peers this way as I've aged. First we need to recognize the social conditioning we ourselves have experienced and how it might color our relationships with younger women before we lay the blame on "young people and society"

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All of this, honestly. Especially the memes part—like it or not that's just how young people communicate now.