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What a way to admit you’re a misogynist

“Most women are unlikeable”

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I don't know, I see the point - to teenage girls and women, a lot of older women are unlikable. It's not until you're older and have had to deal with all the demands placed on women for years that you realize why so many of them aren't "fun" or "easygoing" the way men are. My mother and her friends were deeply unhappy, in large part because of the unrealistic expectations and unfair workload placed on them by men.

I think the woman in the screenshot is correct in her assessment that a lot of younger women have a much easier time relating to the struggles of other teenagers and people in their peer group, and now that they've made their own "oppressed" groups to identify into, they can stay comfortably in their bubbles, roleplaying with friends. That's a lot more fun and easier to swallow (if you can successfully keep the delusion up) than looking head-on into the oppression of women, and realizing there's no escape and the best shot you have is to align yourself with other women, even (especially!) the ones you don't like.

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Yeah, i agree.It has less to do with the poster having misogyny for fellow women and more to do with finding many women unlikeable as a result of socialization, performative femininity, handmaiden-ing for men, etc. Neoliberalism has definitely successfully fractured the sjw/tumblr-y types using identity politics and intersectionalism to make a zillion groups and keep women in/outgrouping each other, and these people cant see the forest from the trees because of the instant gratification of #valid feels.

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so many of them aren't "fun" or "easygoing" the way men are.

Yup. Older women are worrywarts and see trouble around every corner because they deal with the fallout. Men walk away from the mess they make, the kids they're estranged from. Women have to stick around and clean it up, so they try to warn you off the mess you're about to make! Hence they seem like killjoys.

But to be fair to the olds (of which I am one) , we've often been in the situation where a younger woman we care about ignores our POV not becuase she thinks we're unlikeable necessarily, but because she thinks she's the exception. We can see it on her face when she indulges us but in her mind she knows that she will not fall into the snare that the other women have. She'll find a good man, she will not be harrassed at work, she will not be like the tired moms when she has kids, she will figure it out and be set apart from the other women. We're socialized this way and it's impossible to see into the future and the snares that trip us up are things we hide from others.

Women are silenced when they have trouble, need support, they're encouraged and pressured to see themseleves, their individual so-called choices as the problem. So reaching out to other women, older to younger, younger to older, is foreign to us, and since men benefit from this, it's the prevailing cultural message.

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She's saying that from the viewpoint of a theoretical teenage libfem. She doesn't actually think that.

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I follow OP on tumblr and she's not coming from a place of woman-hatred, but rather an observation. Note how she said many, not most women. There are women you will dislike and disagree with and some (woke) women have unlikeable traits.

The main message is that it's easy to disregard and dismiss women, than to view them as human, with flaws. it's easier to laugh with "queer" "non-women" than to acknowledge how deep and common misogyny is

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i feel that way about most men lol. but i actually have reasons.

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She's saying that from the viewpoint of a theoretical teenage libfem. She doesn't actually think that.