This is a really important topic and the responses here are really spot on.

I do have one objection, though, and that is the naming of females as a class. We are, in fact, a caste. This may seem relatively minor, but it has some major implications for how we see our situation in patriarchy and thus for what strategies with which it may be possible to change it. Mobility is possible between classes, but not between castes. Women cannot escape the female caste, even by transitioning.

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Excellent point: re caste vs. class

Did you read this piece that was posted a few weeks ago on that very subject, in reference to Teena Brandon


"gender dysphoria"—a term that, when applied to females, could as well be defined as "sex-caste resistance." Identification with gender roles in a male-dominant culture cannot be separated from identification with the privileges that accompany those roles. As pioneer psychoanalyst Karen Horney notes, "We live… in a male culture, i.e. state, economy, art and science are creations of man and thus filled with his spirit." (Horney, 152)