No surprise there.

No one outside of extreme TRA circles actually believes it's possible to transform into the opposite sex.

And my ally daughter.


Does she truly believe it? Or is she just "being kind"?

Oh she really believes it... To a certain extent.

I've caught her TERFing on sports and prisons right from the start.

But she's also saying that transwomen can be lesbians and she could date one... As long as she never had to touch the penis (she's gay). How I did not laugh during THAT conversation IDK. It's called homosexuality, not homodating.

I had a very long conversation with her last week and she was literally quoting the trans activists playbook, chapter and verse. Started off by saying what is a woman, waffled on about intersex, came out with the bogus suicide rates etc.

Most telling was when I mentioned child desistence she rattled of an adult detransition stat.. which is something I've noticed TRAs do all the time. They arent the same thing. She also came out with 'its not a social contagion' and 'its because there's more acceptance'. I'm going to give that one a couple of years and come back to it to see how it's held up.

She's getting all this crap off internet forums, it like listening to a cult member recite their holy text.

I suspect the cognitive dissonance will peak her in the end, if not the lawsuits and the exposés on the young women detransitioners and the Tavistock that we're going to see on the BBC in three or so years.

Ugh how do you deal with that? I would get so frustrated. I need to figure out how to talk to my son about gender crap and I've kinda been putting it off

Patience, and about five years of experience arguing with TRAs helped me go through this with her. Last year she screamed at me, we're now having a heated but civil discussion.

She recites thier crap practically verbatim, right down to swapping an adult detransition study into a discussion on child desistence. I'm trained to spot that now.

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I wish we could be honest with our language and ditch the "trans woman" and "trans man" charade. They're men or women. That's what I love about Kara Dansky, she does not give single fuck about appeasing anyone and understands the power of language

I'm ok with transwoman and transman, bc those words are distinct from woman/man.

Transwomen are transwomen, transmen are transmen. What I won't tolerate is transwomen are women or transmen are men.

But ultimately, I agree with you and wish it could just be fucking man and woman and that's it

To begin with I agreed with you and would cede there are men and women and transmen and transwomen.

Now I think that’s just another way of “being kind” and I’m done with all the pussyfooting around, there are only men and women (the words for male and female humans) and since it is impossible for humans to change sex I will NEVER pretend that one can become the other. There is no such thing as a transman or a transwoman, only mentally ill and delusional men and women who live their lives in a disguise and pretence 🤷🏻‍♀️

I would honestly have so much more respect for these folks if they but openly identified as "trans" this or that and acknowledged the chemical and surgical abuses they have put upon themselves in the name of...what, I don't know, but certainly no edict or belief that I want to follow.

That they hide behind the facade of believing they can be something they're not is a pathology. Expecting society to be mind-readers and somehow "know" that someone with well-defined, primary and secondary sex characteristics as imbued by the hormones produced from the genetically-determined gonadal organs with which they were born, is even worse.

It just goes to show that, even in captured internet spaces like Twitter, normal people still don't swallow this bullshit

More people don't care then people who were willing to say these men are women. LMAO

Bet the penis people in spinny skirts are surprised that hardly anyone believes their fantasy. Lol.

I'm honestly surprised the Yeses aren't a bit higher, considering this poll is being conducted on Twitter. Turns out they are just a tiny noisy minority even on that site.

This is just the inevitable result of open polls on this topic. If you went to the most racist and hateful part of recent history, where races were literally enslaved, you'd still find a sizable portion of the population who supports their liberation and recognizes their personhood. That's because the humanity between races is a logical conclusion anyone can reach on their own.

I can't believe it's not a woman! trans shit is not a logical conclusion. You cannot reach that on your own without some gender woo coloring your views. Without someone giving you misleading or flatout incorrect information.

So when you open up a poll, with no hurdles and to as many people as you can, you're going to have the vast majority of people reach that same conclusion. Transwomen aren't fucking women. And if you want to wretch the word woman away from actual women, if you want to redefine all of culture to support this delusion, it's never going to change the fact that you're not female, and that does mean something.

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