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TiMs have nothing to contribute to dialogue about being a woman

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TRA: inarticulate screaming until you're forced to leave

TRA: heh, beat 'em with logic, again B)

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The solution is very simple. Whenever someone says "but you are cis" you can say you are a female presenting non-binary person that uses she/her pronouns when in "girl mode" hahaha

They have made it so ridiculous that being trans means nothing, anyone and everything can be trans, and if they DARE to question you, you can complain about their transphobia

female presenting non-binary person that uses she/her pronouns when in "girl mode

But of a mouth-ful, but okay. Seems simpler to say" woman," but what so we cis people know, huh?

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Yeah, exactly. That's TRA cognitive dissonance for you: trans people are a separate category of people with their own set of specific experiences but so-called "cis" people are not and any trans person can "identify" with the experience of "cis" / the difference between their experiences is not significant enough to warrant "cis-only" spaces. In other words: trans people know more about being cis than cis people know about being trans, with nothing to back up that claim other than self-identification. I officially identify as trans now and if you say that's not real you're invalidating my existence!

This is an amazing strategy for playing this stupid game. Maybe gonna borrow this!

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Is it bad that I've seriously considered doing this? I'm so sick of transbians in my lesbian spaces.

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There's a much simpler way: just say you are circumgender. Seems to confound and piss people off but damned if they can prove she's not circumgender, after all, it's how she feels.



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Doesn’t the ‘trans umbrella’ claim gender nonconformists (which can mean anything from doesn’t shave & wear makeup to butch women)? By that logic the vast majority of the people on Ovarit are not cis based on their own definitions.

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I can't imagine why "Queer Ivy" felt the need to delete so many comments about his wonderful artwork from his facebook page...

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Sooo, what this is saying is that they need their own space with only trans people to identify & dialogue with? Yes?? Go do that then! If cis people can't contribute to trans identity then why do they keep wanting to be around cis people and use cis spaces?

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Ah yes because any opposing opinion or ideas bad

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Yes, it's LiTeRaL ViOlenCE. Meanwhile, when JK Rowling talked about being battered by her husband, she got attacked for "weaponizing her abuse".

One of the Rules of Misogyny: The worst thing about male violence is that it makes men look bad.

[–] vauqueline 20 points (+20|-0) Edited

Seeing male "feminists" and "feminist allies" decide she was "weaponizing" her abuse by talking frankly about it, how it affected her life, and how it informs her priorities, was the final nail in the coffin for any respect I might have for semen-squirters who claim to be on our side.

Males have zero respect for women's suffering unless the suffering happens to a woman they feel they own and/or the male in question can misappropriate and weaponize that woman's pain for his own end. Accusing JKR of crocodile tears and manipulation just for speaking openly about what she's suffered is the exact same woman-hating prostate-haver bullshit.

I think males hate it so much when women express their pain honestly not just because it draws attention to the wrongs males have committed when they'd rather keep having that covered up, but also because the ones who still possess some vestigial trace of empathy don't like the the feelings of discomfort elicited by seeing someone else suffer. I think this is also why it's been such a meme among males that women only cry to manipulate males; males are so out of touch with their emotions that they think empathy and conscience working properly in the presence of a suffering woman is some form of witchcraft on her part.

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By their logic, anyone who says they’re trans is trans and that’s the only qualifier. So literally anyone on the planet can declare themselves non-cis pretty much instantaneously and you can’t tell them their opinions or identity are invalid.

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Funnily enough they will assure that you are cis whether you like it or not

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Even more funnily enough, that means they agree with radical feminists that some people will cynically take advantage of gender ID just for personal benefit and there’s no actual way to prevent this, nor is there any way to prove whether someone is sincere or not because there’s literally zero requirements to be met.

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ew, well, idk who theyre talking about..i'm not fucking cis...i'm a woman. k, bye

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Then trans people have nothing to contribute to dialogue about “cis” identity. Thank you and have a nice day.