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Women are the ones being scammed. If you’re lucky you get buttered up and told you have the power, you’re taking advantage of men’s weaknesses, they can’t resist your pussy power yadda yet at the end of the day its the pimps, club owners, pornographers who are making the real money. A similar scam happens in prostitution's twin brother marriage.

Yep. And pregnancy. They yell and scream about how we trap them but oh look, their life expectancy goes up when we marry them, and they get social clout when they become fathers.

prostitution’s twin brother marriage

Oh so we’re just spitting facts today

[–] hypatia tired of it all 21 points

More young women need to hear this. They think they have the "power" because he wants to pay to use her. Being picked is not power.

[–] agentdebord 9 points Edited

Tried to tell this to a friend and she said I was shaming her. Feeling ashamed does not necessarily equal being shamed.

Duh common sense. It's like a parent punishing their child by giving them junk food. Sure you could argue junk food is unhealthy and unnecessary and similar to sex (sure it feels good but you don't need to survive) but guess what the child doesn't care and it makes them happy. This is why I can't stand guys feeling bad for simps who pay random girls for bath water or dudes in relationships with gold diggers. News flash they are getting what they want which is using a woman's body to fulfill their fantasies. The women is loser in the end because her life is ruined and she can never have normalcy again.

[–] Carrots90 3 points Edited

Pussy Cartel is incel BS. They think sex workers should be paid minimum wage, by the hour.

So disgusting


[–] VestalVirgin 3 points Edited

Funnily enough, if they really succeeded with that, they'd get rid of all prostitution but the kind that is openly slavery.

Women with drug habits, children to provide for, or mental health issues that prevent them from working full time would not turn to prostitution for fast money if they earnt only minimum wage.

But of course, incels would want women to be openly forced into prostitution if that happened.


Are sw’ers really being told they are scamming the punters?

So incel.