That's a parody?

In reality, adult men need no guidance to become misogynist losers. They usually have already finished the process of becoming on in their early to late teens.

I'm glad people are catching on to the downward spiral of Preddit. Like 5 years ago it used to be an ok place to hang out.

I keep hearing this but from the jump preddit was a site for porn and specifically CP. It got revamped a ton when it was called out by the general public, it's just returning to its roots.

Yeah people here are acting like it wasn't a many years long battle to get r/creepshots and r/jailbait banned or that among other things there wasn't a subreddit literally called r/n****rs

Right, like it's always been a shithole. And the violent porn, and hate groups on there have never changed. You could truly credit it with mobilizing terrorist men like MRAs(their entire dogma is how to hurt women), I'd even say they popularized TRAs and gave them a power edge.

My partner and I have a theory the entire internet formed the way it did because of porn - I mean being web-page-based instead of developing more in the direction of usenet groups or other forms of early internet. That ease of sending and accessing porn pushed the direction of the tool itself.

Wow I hadn't thought of that, can you tell me more? I'm actually interested in this, I wonder what an alternate sort of internet would look like.

I still mourn the loss of Reddit’s GC and feminist subs. I recently ventured back on and found that the quality and volume of useful information and genuinely hilarious comments on unrelated traditionally female-dominated subs has fallen drastically. The knock-on effect of clever women fleeing the site completely, I guess.