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Some years ago (feels like decades in internet years, but it wasn’t that long ago) Pharrell Williams told Oprah he was a “new black.” The New Black, in his eyes is someone who has transcended race and racial history to achieve success. This is more or less where the New Women are going with feminism. Being a man or a woman, and the relations between the sexes, are all mindsets. If you want to be a man and enjoy the privileges of maleness you can, if you want to be a woman and enjoy the privileges of being a woman you can. Feminism isn’t about liberating women from male supremacy and dependency, it’s about liberating “gender” from a binary, exploitative paradigm. The very first step of liberation is denying the material basis of gender, it’s relation to sexual reproduction and the economy, and redefine it as aesthetics and spirituality. Gender is about acting, performing, dressing, perceiving, deceiving, feeling, identifying not about the penis raping and the male fist beating and throttling women into submission.