This is so tiring. Women are not just our bodies, but it is because of our bodies that we are discriminated against in many places and openly oppressed in many countries. All the border-control of definitions etc., all the attempts to ask if a woman stays a woman without all the female parts functioning etc, none of that makes any difference to the fact that the oppression of women is sex-based.

It affects some individuals who are not biologically female if they look as if they are, but it does not affect trans-identified men who, say, go to work in 'boymode' do no body modifications and, in fact, get all the male privilege they can carry and store. It may not affect passing trans-identified women in most areas of life where they, too, get male privilege, but it certainly affects almost all special non-binary female people who are going to be seen and treated as women by the wider society as it is not possible to identify out of oppression (or into it) by the mere change of pronouns.

That we are even having these discussions is a sign of the destruction the corruption of language is creating.