He is pretending to be a woman, people clock that. Who wants to believe anything said by an obvious liar?

Especially in the medical profession; “you went to nursing school, don’t believe in biology, and still want me to believe your medical advice?”

Also there's only a certain amount of clownery extreme open mindedness can really force you to accept before things just start striking you as hilarious and unbelievable

I wish I could laugh. It is indeed clownery, but of the scary, unnerving kind.

Exactly. They don't trust medical opinions that come from an obviously delusional man.

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There's no way he passes and that people actually think he's a woman. Also, is it unheard of that people want to hear medical advice from a doctor, not a nurse? Did he get treated differently when he was a male nurse? Was he ever presenting as a male nurse?

I don't believe he looks younger than his age. Tims seem to look 5-10 older than a woman of the same age. Strangely Tifs often look much younger. There was one on YouTube that I thought was an actual child.

The heavy makeup most Tims wear will age them if nothing else does.

Yep it's all that cake foundation that they use in a futile effort to hide their stubble. The ones who attempt contouring usually look even worse than the others, when seen in person.

Being totally serious here: If I have a choice between a man prancing around in drag and, well, ANYONE else, I'm going to choose the anyone else option.

And it's nothing to do with sexism.

I do not for a minute believe that people can't tell he is actually a man. On the off chance that he really is passing, if you're that bad of a nurse that patients constantly ask for someone else, maybe you're in the wrong field. Every nurse is going to have a jerk of a patient now but if none of them seem to trust you or be comfortable in your care? Something's off.

They've read so many things about women's experiences online that they mimic their answers now that they're "women", too. I promise he read this exact reply more or less and now he's just pretending he knows what's up.

This was my immediate thought as well. It’s very common for males to say all the right things, regurgitating feminist talking points while seemingly fully understanding them, and YET. When the time comes, he has no problem exercising his male entitlement, working against women, raping and harassing, etc. For example, many prominent “male feminists” through the years.

It’s extra disappointing to libfems because these guys do seem to “get it”. And imo they DO get it, it’s just they won’t give up their male privilege no matter what. They CHOOSE to use their knowledge to abuse women. That’s why these types are so much worse than the clueless chauvinist who doesn’t know anything about feminism.

To that liberal feminist sentiment, I say Its like being mad at a scorpion for stinging, when the chips are down nature reasserts its self and nature is red in tooth and claw.

LOL if this was even true it wouldn't be because he passes so well people take him for a woman and therefore "dumb".

It would be because no one wants to take advice, or be alone in the same room, as a grown ass man trying to become an anime girl.

IMHO they are not treating him like a woman, just like a troubled man. We all know how they look like.Pls.

I mean, if you insane enough to think some estrogen and a dress makes you a woman I wouldn't trust your medical advice for a split second. 🤣

The tone of this definitely feels like gender theater. He perceives being talked down to or disbelieved as evidence people think he's a woman, then casually drops in a remark about looking younger than he is, which as others have noted here is unlikely. "Look at me! I pass for a pretty lady, so no one takes me seriously! And oh--by the way, I look SO YOUNG." A man I knew went trans a few years back and on the first weekend, 6 foot tall with a dress and a big lantern jaw breathlessly reported his first experience of sexual harassment on facebook. The tone was outrage, but very shallowly under the surface, it was all excitement. It creeps me out so much to see men looking for validation in these experiences that have cost real women so much in our lives.

This, all of this. His entire post is performative - and he's celebrating being taken less seriously as a sign that he's "passing".

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