Jordan Peterson, Custodian of the Patriarchy; ''At one point in the discussion, Mr. Peterson, who had been relatively quiet, becomes heated on the topic of women who find marriage oppressive.'' “So I don’t know who these people think marriages are oppressing,” he says. “I read Betty Friedan’s book because I was very curious about it, and it’s so whiny, it’s just enough to drive a modern person mad to listen to these suburban housewives from the late ’50s ensconced in their comfortable secure lives complaining about the fact that they’re bored because they don’t have enough opportunity. It’s like, Jesus get a hobby. For Christ’s sake, you — you — ” https://archive.ph/79U1y

Peterson is a psychologist who should know that even zoo animals go mad when they have nothing to do. As for 'get a hobby'; hobbies rely on having access to money and transport, and being allowed to go outside of the home. They are not a substitute for a meaningful life any more than 'pin money' is a substitute for a living wage.

I wish Jordan Peterson would get a hobby that involved never speaking publicly about his opinions ever again. Touch grass, Jordan. Eat a carb.

Touch grass, eat a carb, construct a giant slingshot and shoot yourself into the ocean, whatever

'it’s just enough to drive a modern person mad'

Modern MAN, he means.