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They walked themselves into a corner by denying sex. Gender identity determines body, so “transition” is both unnecessary and harmful. Men can have D cups, so no more mastectomies. Women can have penises so no more Russian penis dolls. When a trans kid goes through puberty it’s the right puberty for their gender ID so no more blockers for kids. All they need is psychotherapy to accept their divine and sacred trans bodies & gender souls exactly as they are. It’s a full circle back to terf life.

That's the same reason why TIFs who medically transition are no less of a woman. Had your breasts amputated, uterus removed, grew some patchy mustache? Sorry Aiden, you're not special there are women with no breasts, facial hair etc.

Also for TIMs, have you had your balls removed and grew moobs? Yeah, that happens to other men too.

But all people with bodies that can give birth are women, all people with bodies that can inseminate are men. Regardless if an accident, illness, or operation impeded this ability.

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Well, TRAs are trying to redefine women as a matter of identity not transition or biology so I don't think this counter argument works unless you're talking to a transmed.

Most of them want estrogen and moobs at least. Or they defend these things as essential to trans people's health and that making it hard to obtain these things is genocide.

but a woman who has a mastectomy or has low hormones can usually get treatment if she wants, and get reconstructive surgery or try artificial hormones without it being seen as a big thing. They identify with those women before they get the surgeries - not all women have breasts, like them - but women without breasts are often able to talk to a doctor about it

If it’s purely just identity, then why do trans children require puberty blockers?

If it’s just a state of mind, then why keep children in children’s bodies?

The TRA crowd talk themselves into nonsense all the time.

Oh NICE. Turned their stupid arguments RIGHT on their empty heads. [applause]