ambitious and high achieving women always intimidate men.

he's got over it now but my boyf used to feel incredibly embarrassed when i would talk about my studies (i have a phd in what is, not incorrectly, perceived to be a hard subject) because he felt like it somehow detracted from him. it caused a lot of arguments because at times i felt like i couldn't talk about my interests without him getting annoyed. fundamentally what improved it was him maturing and increasing his own confidence, i haven't changed and if it had stayed like this i don't see how the relationship would have been tenable long term.

Good god. My wife has a PhD is fucking genetics and genomics and is consistently the smartest person in any given room. I'm not intimidated by her, I'm proud of her!

I'm glad he's grown up.

your wife is a badass!!

i moved into genomics because there weren't many jobs in my original field. its such an exciting time to work in that field with the constant improvement of genetic sequencing technology.

thankfully my boyf is proud of me too now. and i'm proud of him. he may not have a fancy piece of paper but he's intelligent in different ways. we complement each other.