Easy solution: dump him

Exactly what I was going to say. PoS won’t support her in anything, ever, that’s already clear.

Yeah, men like this even get jealous when their stay at home wives start spending time focused on their baby. The dude is selfish and short sighted at best, since he can't see how being married to a professional will improve his future family's lifestyle.

Oh look, a shit stain scrote dragging down a more ambitious woman instead of working on his own shortcomings. Shocking 🙄

She doesn’t see the bigger picture. It’s definitely not just about veterinary school, it’s about EVERYTHING. He isn’t going to want a wife with a career, either. Sadly, her choice is likely going to be to marry him and not go to school.

The fact that she "understand[s] his side of the argument" is very telling.

I'm all for seeing both sides too, but when it's something this disgusting and pathological to the point where one's ambitions are being squashed in favor of HIS WAAAAAANTS, there should be no question about how to proceed. And yet she still has to ASK about it. We can only hope she does the right thing.

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In four years when her husband is bored of her and more interested in (vidya, sports, brewing IPAs, whatever) she will wish she had finished her degree.

I agree with others saying dump him. If she doesn't dump him now, he'll impregnate her and force her to quit to raise his spawn.

Yep. If he's this controlling when they're unmarried with no children, imagine how awful he'll be once they're legally tethered and have kids together?

That's a sign of a terrible Nigel. Mine would woke up with me at 5 am to make me breakfast while I studied, would cook and clean during exams, go on cigarette and Red Bull runs, etc. Most mediocre men don't want you to succeed.

ambitious and high achieving women always intimidate men.

he's got over it now but my boyf used to feel incredibly embarrassed when i would talk about my studies (i have a phd in what is, not incorrectly, perceived to be a hard subject) because he felt like it somehow detracted from him. it caused a lot of arguments because at times i felt like i couldn't talk about my interests without him getting annoyed. fundamentally what improved it was him maturing and increasing his own confidence, i haven't changed and if it had stayed like this i don't see how the relationship would have been tenable long term.

Good god. My wife has a PhD is fucking genetics and genomics and is consistently the smartest person in any given room. I'm not intimidated by her, I'm proud of her!

I'm glad he's grown up.

your wife is a badass!!

i moved into genomics because there weren't many jobs in my original field. its such an exciting time to work in that field with the constant improvement of genetic sequencing technology.

thankfully my boyf is proud of me too now. and i'm proud of him. he may not have a fancy piece of paper but he's intelligent in different ways. we complement each other.

Ask her what she would say to her daughter if she said this about her boyfriend.

he wants a wife his first four years of marriage, not to be lonely

What do you want to bet that when he's not being actively manipulative, he has the wit and vivacity of dry toast? I doubt this guy has even mastered the subtle art of maintaining eye contact while your girlfriend tries to talk to you.

Dump him and go to vet school. Your future self will thank you when she can comfortably support herself and not feel pressure to get a man.

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