Any man who discourages you from getting an education or bettering yourself is NOT someone who really loves or cares about you.

Oh look, a shit stain scrote dragging down a more ambitious woman instead of working on his own shortcomings. Shocking ๐Ÿ™„

I bet this guy is a coercive controller and it wonโ€™t end with just vet school.

Dump him and go to vet school. Your future self will thank you when she can comfortably support herself and not feel pressure to get a man.

Ask her what she would say to her daughter if she said this about her boyfriend.

That's a sign of a terrible Nigel. Mine would woke up with me at 5 am to make me breakfast while I studied, would cook and clean during exams, go on cigarette and Red Bull runs, etc. Most mediocre men don't want you to succeed.

he wants a wife his first four years of marriage, not to be lonely

What do you want to bet that when he's not being actively manipulative, he has the wit and vivacity of dry toast? I doubt this guy has even mastered the subtle art of maintaining eye contact while your girlfriend tries to talk to you.

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In four years when her husband is bored of her and more interested in (vidya, sports, brewing IPAs, whatever) she will wish she had finished her degree.

This will be no different if they don't marry. He'll still want her to drop her studies so he isn't "lonely" and dump her if she decides to study.

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