I want to laugh at this because they are indeed whiny little babies, but I feel like the author is also making a comparison of this TRA nonsense to the US civil rights movement. The reference to the BPP feels like there is also meant to be anti-Black sentiment in this. I realise you probably didn't make it and may not have even noticed it but I really hope we can avoid the forced teaming of racial civil rights with the TQ+.

Interesting. I read it completely the other way—not as anti-Black or anti-Black Lives Matter, but as anti-those who think they are terribly edgy and militant and just like the Black Panthers, when in fact they are bullying women alone or in small groups, and indeed are supported by the state, as regards both policy and policing. I think the person who made this was quite clear that if there's forced civil rights teaming going on, it's by the TRAs.