That's a stretch. NYTimes is hardly scorned by a majority...they may be off on their journalism re: trans shit, but they are still pushing out a lot of quality journalism and still feature some of the top minds in opinion. The PornHub expose was magnificent journalism that made some change possible helping children who've been sex trafficked.

"Quality journalism" is in the eye of the beholder nowadays. The NYT's beholders are 91% Team Donkey "identified", with wealthy, young, college educated whites overwhelmingly dominating the herd. They love virtuous groupthink. My generation (16% of readership now) has dropped them like a wormy apple. We remember how it used to be. And we do scorn it on a regular basis in comment sections everywhere.

That PornHub expose happened in 2020. Sure, that was good work. But what groundbreaking/game changing unbiased journalism have they done since then? Not that I would know, really. I dropped them years ago.