Especially as he wants an unnecessary nose job. Whenever a TIM gets close to looking passable in photos, they ruin it by having excessive surgery that makes them look plastic and even more clockable

Absolutely, some of these surgeons make them look so much older. It’s the risk with too much facial plastic surgery regardless of sex. He’s already posted TikToks about getting lip filler. I’m repeating myself but there’s a reason why financial institutions love these dudes 💸

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He already looks middle aged and he's in his mid twenties

I suspect he has an eating disorder as well, and that can age people quickly. He’s always been thin, but fit. But he’s moved into “my elbows look thicker than my upper arms” territory, which is concerning. It’s clear COVID lockdowns did a number on his mental health and self-esteem.

He already looks middle aged and he's in his mid twenties

This is common in TIMs. Even before hormones and surgeries, something about their garish presentations and joker smiles make them look way older than they are. And they wind up looking creepy even if they were decent looking before claiming a Lady Soul