Remember Emma Watson showing up in a bra-baring crop top dress at some politician’s function? She was ridiculed online. Everyone is wearing suits, and here comes this actress with the entire bottom of her bra exposed. Time and place, Emma Watson, time and place. My god. She’s like the opposite of Hermione Granger.

I think that’s a good exemple of when a woman was indeed mocked for a choice of clothing while this TIM can go away with worse.

However I think you could avoid belittle a woman for her choice of clothing. Because that’s the point: we can’t dress without being constantly judged, mocked, pressured. Don’t be part of it :(

However I think you could avoid belittle a woman for her choice of clothing. Because that’s the point: we can’t dress without being constantly judged, mocked, pressured. Don’t be part of it :(

But this wasn’t Emma wearing just anything and trying to just exist in a man’s world. This isn’t in any way comparable to women being judged for daring to wear pants, or breaking sexist stereotypes, or a woman daring to exist in her body (that grade school teacher who was harassed for being curvy as every girl who has ever been dress coded in high school). This was Emma showing up in a “dress” that looked like the designer forgot the bodice and only tacked on the collar atop her bra with a matching skirt.

I believe in criticism when it’s due. She knew she was visiting the White House. If this were any other celebrity function (red carpet, Met Gala, etc…) her outfit would have made sense and she’d fit right in. However, this was a political function where everyone else was dressed conservatively. If a man wore a crop top (or shirtless) to this event, he too would be mocked.

I’m all for women dressing without being judged but I’m not going to give Emma Watson’s poor judgement a pass just because she’s a woman. She was what, 31 years old when she made this judgement call? She’s old enough to take the criticism for her decision. And Hermione Granger wouldn’t have made that decision.

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Could you show me the dress please? I only found that dress when I googled, and if this is the one you are talking to, I really cannot agree with you, there is nothing inappropriate with it. I’ve seen colleagues in Finance and Law wearing dresses way less conservative than that…

Edit, I think I found it here, and if I understand better your comments, I still would disagree. It’s not her bra that you can see, it’s a crop top underneath. Also, again, I’m working in finance and my bra has been seen in some of my clothing. Finally, she’s an actress at a summit, I don’t think it’s an inappropriate choice of clothing for this context. Yes men are in suits, but women have way more options and have been dressing variously in most industries (again, I work in Finance and I’ve seen worst). The dress only showed skin on her midriff.

I do think criticising her for this is part of the pressure women face regarding how they dress, and not a 100% reasonable comment on how a public person is dressing. And even if we don’t like Emma Watson’s activism, we should still respect her as a woman.

I get your frustration because we are judged unfairly, so often. I just don’t think the Emma Watson example is an example of this.

If anything, it annoys me that fashion has to sexualize us. On her outfit, it’s either a bra or meant to imply a bra.

Plus it’s EW so maybe I’m just annoyed with her🙂

I don’t think there is anything wrong with expecting the same level of professionalism from a female as a male.

I remember when Jon Stewart took Adam Sandler to task for showing up in shorts to be a guest on his show.

At the EW event, I would not have thought it was a good choice for a male to show up in something that bared his stomach, or even his legs, at that event.

I actually think a woman could have gotten away with dressy shorts and nice shoes/top while a man would not have

And a man definitely would not have gotten away with something that bared his midsection so I don’t see that as a double standard against women

Not in this case here anyway