Imagine any woman dressed the same as him in a business setting.

Yes, those were my thoughts when I saw the tweets yesterday. No woman could get away with wearing that outfit in a professional setting.

The internet would go crazy, and the abuse she'd get would be absolutely nuts.

Exactly! Only a man could get away with that outfit and that behavior.

The first thing I noticed about Dylan Mulvaney is that he looks exactly like what he is: A homely man in drag.

The second thing I noticed was the inappropriate clothing. Dylan, if you want to cosplay as a woman, dress the way an actual woman would dress in a given setting. Hint hint, it's not halter tops at a business conference.

Right? First thing I noticed was that absurdly inappropriate top. What a fucking tool

She would be kicked out of the event and ENDLESSLY mocked online

Remember Emma Watson showing up in a bra-baring crop top dress at some politician’s function? She was ridiculed online. Everyone is wearing suits, and here comes this actress with the entire bottom of her bra exposed. Time and place, Emma Watson, time and place. My god. She’s like the opposite of Hermione Granger.

I think that’s a good exemple of when a woman was indeed mocked for a choice of clothing while this TIM can go away with worse.

However I think you could avoid belittle a woman for her choice of clothing. Because that’s the point: we can’t dress without being constantly judged, mocked, pressured. Don’t be part of it :(

Rachel Hollis comes to mind, though to be fair she is ridiculous in other ways than her attire

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SHAME on Forbes for platforming this misogynist clown. Fuck you, Dylan, right in your Barbie pouch. You do not speak for women and you will never be one.

I'd rather hear a talk about women's empowerment from a baboon in a wig.

You did.

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Don’t insult the baboons. They may be violent and less smarter than humans, but they’ve never done what TiMs have done to us.

What a joke, the "women's summit" featuring a man. This is like the ultimate MRA plot to take even the tiny scraps women had obtained away from us.

its all just gaslighting, when ever I see this sort of thing I just think they would never dare pull this crap with race.

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And basically insulting older generations of women as if we are some outdated model of womanhood, and our views and opinions hold no weight anymore because we're 'old' in his eyes..🙄 and no, as a matter of fact, we DO NOT trust these fckn idiots to take the reigns and no we are not going to hand over everything we fought for just so they can redefine women out of existence.

It's so nice to see so many people finally objecting.

This stuff can’t stay on Twitter and TikTok forever. Eventually, they’re seen by a non-curated/censored audience who declines to call them stunning & brave.

God, he's so fucking obnoxious. Forbes, WTLH were you thinking?

trendy on TikTok ≠ accepted by most women

Forbes sees these men as the cash cows they are. They will consume hormones, surgeries and new personalities until they die. They are the ultimate consumers (so it’s extra funny that so many claim to be communists).

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Yes, these businesses assume that popularity online translates to popularity in the real world, when usually it doesn’t.

Yes, , these businesses assume that popularity online translates to popularity in the real world, when usually it doesn’t.

"What!? You mean popularity on an app filled with dumb fourteen year olds doesn't translate to popularity at a Forbes women's summit populated by adult, professional women!?"

"Actress"?? What's he been in besides up and down TikTok "acting" like a little girl?

He was in the book of mormon tour pre-transition i believe. Don't know what hes accomplished post identity crisis.

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