One does feel a bit like Elrond. This moment where it could so easily be destroyed, and we could keep all that we and the feminists of yore fought for ... but no.

Seems we gotta wait another couple thousand years until the next opportunity arises.

An AGP would be just perfect for the role of Gollum. Having lived in a dark cave, admiring his gender for so long that he became bald and ugly ... yeah, fits.

What do you think, would J.K. Rowling be a better Éowyn, or Galadriel, or should she be cast in a male role ... Gandalf, perhaps, for the wizardry? We could have Stephen King as Saruman, perhaps? Though cowardice also would fit well with Wormtongue ...

Hm ... no, wait, Rowling must be Gandalf. Standing between women's spaces and TIMs. "You cannot pass!" (Or perhaps "You do not pass"? Both would fit.)

Smeagol/Gollum fits even better, because he murdered his cousin Deagol to get the Ring in the first place. Not quite skinwalking, but similar lust for what was never his.