Why do kids hate their parents so much?

My mother is a very vaguely feminist leaning person (she loathes people who dress little girls in pink, but thinks my righteous anger at those who want to abolish womens' rights is obsessive ... ), and both she and my dad are environmentalist leaning, and I always kinda was like ... "My parents had the right idea, let's continue fighting for that stuff, but better!"

Rebelling against my parents would have meant joining a conservative party that wants to destroy the environment and make the rich pay even less taxes, and that obviously would have been insane.

I mean. I get that teens want to show they know things better than the generation before them, but ... when doing the opposite is so obviously idiotic, why not settle for trying to do the same thing, but better?

why not settle for trying to do the same thing, but better?

That's what the SMART ones are doing. I had so hoped that subsequent generations (of women, I never had a lot of hope for men) would continue the process, building on what we achieved, making it better and forging connections instead of divisions between the generations, those following as well as preceding them. But not everybody is smart. You have those, especially males, who feel just plain rebellious and resentful of the advances made in women's societal rights and status, depriving men in some degree of their godlike status over women, and of the women who brought about those changes. And then, as second wave feminism has been largely silenced and male voices brought to the fore again, you have the girls /women who have listened to them and become handmaidens.