Spot on!

It's so nuts to me that we've even got to this point because, back when I was a teenager (late 00s), all the LGB kids I hung out with agreed that gender was oppressive and we needed to destroy it! Now, the vast majority of them are upholding it as some flavour of trans, or spending an embarrassing amount of their time as TRAs gaslighting women and girls with concerns about TIMs in single-sex spaces, and ree-ing at anyone they can't browbeat into submission for being "TERFs"... 😞

I literally had a 19yo nb guy agree that gender was sex stereotypes and then claim that transgender / queer was this generation’s response to sex stereotyping. Like it was some act of rebellion to uphold sex stereotypes. Make it make sense!

Make it make sense!

Because their parents, my generation, made it our legacy to abolish sex stereotypes, at which we were partially successful. The kids are now rebelling against their parents' generation, us, the hated baby boomers, especially their mothers.

Why do kids hate their parents so much?

My mother is a very vaguely feminist leaning person (she loathes people who dress little girls in pink, but thinks my righteous anger at those who want to abolish womens' rights is obsessive ... ), and both she and my dad are environmentalist leaning, and I always kinda was like ... "My parents had the right idea, let's continue fighting for that stuff, but better!"

Rebelling against my parents would have meant joining a conservative party that wants to destroy the environment and make the rich pay even less taxes, and that obviously would have been insane.

I mean. I get that teens want to show they know things better than the generation before them, but ... when doing the opposite is so obviously idiotic, why not settle for trying to do the same thing, but better?

Most of the kids’s parents are Gen X, not boomers. Why does everyone hate the boomers? Every generation has its bad points.