I feel so awful for her. Imagine being a progressive champion and having people turn on you because you dared to defend women as a class. These idiots can't even back up their lies about her, and they know it. I hope whoever is in charge of that Spitfire Audio account feels properly chastened. If not (probably not), I hope they step on a Harry Potter lego.

I hope they always have to poop after they take their shower

I hope and pray they are cursed to step on a lego in unpredictable intervals for the rest of their existence.

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Is it creepy to say I love her? How can one women be so effortlessly outstanding and brilliant?

Quoting herself might help some obstinated people know what she said. Generally people assume "she wrote horrible things" but they do not know what those things are. They have been told not to read her essay (by malicious people who reformulate it or simply LIE). I'm glad read it early: it peaked me early.

I love that she has the time, prestige, and inclination to make these fuckwits show receipts for slandering her. Sadly, most of us don't have that. So I love that she's using her fame and wealth to publicly shame them for lying about both her and the gender critical movement as a whole