Should be an Adam's apple on Professor Hindenburgtits, but I love it! That this trans-insanity is happening while women are being murdered for not sufficiently covering their hair, and that men participating in public fetishes have the audacity to claim they are more oppressed than those women, absolutely drives home how male supremacist this is. Any lurking female TRAs reading this: Do you REALLY think that male shop teacher in Ontario sexually abusing his students while being protected by the school board is more oppressed than the 22 year old woman who was murdered because some vice police could see her hair? Do you understand that had she been male, she would not have been murdered? Do you know that this happened in Iran, a country where the government forces homosexuals to transition, because they prefer pretend straight people over openly gay people? Do you see any parallels to Iranian conversion therapy and, say, the weirdly common butch lesbian-to straight "transman" pipeline? Maybe think about those things for a while, if your brave enough to question male overlord orthodoxy.