The horror of fact that he is doing this in front of school children cannot be understated here. Absolutely disgusting.

Doesn't their own dress code stipulate that nipples not be showing through clothes? Yet they refuse to condemn this pervert..

For some reason the school said it only applies to students, not teachers.

I know this is not the point, but OF COURSE that asshole is doing the dick-mask thing.

Look, if you don't have to/want to wear a mask, don't. If you have to/choose to, do the absolute bare minimum and have it cover your other breathing orifice. But whom, exactly, are you protecting if you have an ill-fitting mask covering only your mouth?

It's so typical in a "I'm going to work the rules while subverting their intent" way, for these entitled men.

Doubt he’s trying to protect anyone, he’s hiding his masculine facial features. Can’t cover your nose and your Adam’s apple at the same time 🤷🏼‍♀️

I think it’s just another chance to wear pink. Accessorize! Like a REAL woman /s

Yes. I’ve been strongly tempted to get a binder for myself since the photos of that canadian pervert went online. And I am an adult. Teen girls experience that waaay worse

Sending you hugs sis. Seeing creeps like him is seriously sooo traumatic as a woman😔. But, we need to stay strong. Using binders won't solve anything and will only lead to health problems.

Truth. I am LUCKY to have very moderate sized breasts for my figure, but have always hated them especially since children have never been a consideration and that's literally their only functional use. They're just THERE getting in my way, causing pain/discomfort at certain moments and I despise that of all the changes evolution has brought aboutt to ensure the survival of our species and efficiency as a living organism, the constant presence of these here things are still a necessity. I am insanely jealous of practically every other female mammal whose functional mammary tissue only becomes visually and physically apparent during pregnancy and throughout the short time they are nursing young.