I'm partly waiting for TRAs to start saying that women with narrower hips and a smaller bust are less female and men that are shorter with narrower shoulders are less male and that kind of shit to claim its a spectrum. I mean, they're already insanely sexist, why not just be straight up offensive about physical differences while we're at it!

I once posed that question to a TRA coworker, if I was less female because I have androgen-induced acne. She wasn't sure how to respond. Lol

Lol! Well of course you're not, you're still 100% female but boy does gender ideology make me feel shitty about that kind of crap.

They already sort of do. I've seen tweets that make fun of certain women for being "trans passing" as if women who don't fit their idea of beauty are less of women

They see women of color as less female as well. Lots of comments like "if black women get to be considered women, then so do I!" God I hate these men, they really are the worst that that gender has to offer and they'e all forcing their way into our spaces. What a nightmare.

Hate to tell you but they got there years ago. Have you seen the Mermaids Gender Spectrum diagrams? Pay attention to the proportions on their little stick-n-boob figures.