Well it's made the difference between crippling obsessive thinking/depression/anxiety and not having them, and being able to cope with stressors, in my largely unstressy life, so it works for a few of us.

Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. I'm pretty sure "the next person" wasn't walking around with anxiety that was causing them to have panic attacks, sleep only four hours a night, vomit, and drop to an unhealthy weight. Some of us have had objectively bad mental health issues that deserve serious treatment. At one point I finally found a med that was giving me 6+ hours a sleep a night and I cried tears of joy. I told a friend about this success and their response was, "that's really a cop out, drugs aren't the answer, you should just drink some tea instead, works for me!" Okay.. good for you, but have you had all the difficulties that I've had? I promise you I've tried all the holistic treatments and I don't appreciate being shamed for seeking out a better quality of life. Not to mention chronic sleep deprivation and high cortisol increases your odds of developing pretty much every disease. Honestly though, someone's situation doesn't have to be extreme to seek help, anyone who feels that they have mental blocks that are holding them back from living the life they want to lead should explore therapy.

Yeah. Mine is ultimately not that bad. But it has BEEN bad and I would rather not be constantly thinking about walking into traffic, thanks. A low SSRI dose seems to be the difference between can cope and catastrophising, and to help give me the, uh, spoons to use good mental health techniques and be able to take good care of myself.

Some people really don’t see the difference between “when I did this then I found…” and “if you do this then you’ll find…”