Medication is sometimes necessary, but the way it is used these days is very wrong. Medications such as antidepressants are often prescribed without any effort put into diagnosing. Very often there is something going on, sometimes medical, and sometimes situational. Prescribing antidepressants for that is kind of like prescribing aspirin for someone who's being punched in the face on a regular basis.

If you ask me - the big issue is that medication is used as a first resort rather than a last resort.

My mother was prescribed medication on her first visit to a psychiatrist; it not only did nothing for her OCD, but it also gave her suicidal ideation she did not previously have and scared her off from psychiatry for good. She's doing a lot better now, but it's mostly thanks to lifestyle changes that eliminated a lot of stressors from her life.

I had the same issue when I was severely depressed. The first therapist I talked to told me to see a psychiatrist for an antidepressant prescription and basically washed their hands of me, which only intensified my stress and anxiety. My current therapist still recommends medication, but she at least understands that I'm wary and we've made good progress through therapy itself.

Yes, absolutely. Or prescribing opiates for a broken bone, while telling the person to just pop a pill every six hours and keep walking around ad infinitum, rather than “use the opiates for a few days until the acute pain wears off, stay off it and wear a cast for a few weeks, go the physio faithfully, and you shouldn’t need any pain relief at all by then.”

I’m not denying that some people might need psychiatric meds chronically, but some people can cope fine with only lifestyle changes and CBT, and some need meds to facilitate the lifestyle changes and CBT but don’t need them for years/for life. Very few doctors have the skill to tell the difference, so they just reach for the prescription pad.

A fuckin primary care physician can just pass out antidepressants, it's crazy.

I am so over modern mental health "best practices" bc they were all designed to help straight white dudes. The therapies, the medicines. Women are and always have been an afterthought and the DSM is a racist, classist, misogynistic piece of shit