Well it's made the difference between crippling obsessive thinking/depression/anxiety and not having them, and being able to cope with stressors, in my largely unstressy life, so it works for a few of us.

Yeah, there’s a fine line to be drawn here. My quality of life has been greatly improved by the existence of medication and therapy. Some people need mental health medication the way some diabetics need insulin. On the other side of that line are entities who really are pathologizing normal human states of being, from the people who self-diagnose themselves with autism/ADHD/DID/ABC/BBD/theEastCoastFamily in order to feel special to BigPharma providing incentives to MDs to prescribe certain drugs. I hesitate to overcorrect the latter and say that BigPharma is unequivocally bad, because, you know, that’s why polio is back.