This is why I’m thinking about going off antidepressants

Talk to a doctor before you try it on your own. Depending on what you’re taking, you might have to taper instead of quitting cold turkey.

Oh of course I wouldn’t do it myself. I’ve just had the idea for a while.

A friend had such weird symptoms going cold turkey off an SSRI that he (and his doctor) thought he was having a stroke. IANAD etc but especially depending on which one, it might be worth seeing if your doctor will help you taper, or at least looking into tapering by cutting up pills yourself.

They come with heavy withdrawal side effects when you do. be careful.

I came off antidepressants, which were doing nothing for me longterm, and needed an alternative so I found some effective herbal supplements after researching nootropics, and looked into more lifestyle-based interventions as well. Just went for a walk in the sun, appreciating the nature around me and that's something I never would have done when I was on meds. But, I started with my herbal treatment + daily selfcare habits (especially building up my hygiene and cleaning habits). So far so good. But yeah, I don't know that I'd ever have got through the withdrawal without finding an alternative.