I'm following psychotherapists who are critical of the chemical imbalance theory and mass marketing depression, but god this works for so many things. Women's natural distress from inhospitable conditions they are under continually gets redirected and blamed on them so we can be marketed various cures and solutions. Trans is just the latest fad to do the same. And it will be remembered about as well as the lobotomy.

Have you seen the recent studies about the chemical imbalance theory being debunked? It was and is always a marketing scam.

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Thank you! The lack of education in the U.S. strikes again! If people had basic scientific understanding and anatomical knowledge, bogus misinformation wouldn’t always gain the traction it does and embed itself into society, it’s infuriating!

NYTimes has had two articles this year reminding readers of the debunked 'chemical imbalance theory'