Yep. I've tried to go without meds twice in my adult life, and my ocd became crippling again; I think I'd be dead or a serious drug addict without. Men taking estrogen for their fetish is nothing like using antidepressants, and it's ignorant/cruel to suggest otherwise.

What if I suggested that women with trauma taking testosterone was similar to giving out tranquilizers to anxious housewives?

There is a link. I'm sorry if you can't see it.

Have you read Dr Jess Taylor’s work on exactly this subject? Her most recent book is called Sexy but Psycho and is about the pathologisation and medicalisation of women’s experiences and trauma.

She also doesn’t believe that any mental health diagnoses (outside of those caused by brain injury or genetic etc) actually exist. It blew my mind at first but I am inclined to agree with her and you.

That book legit blew my mind. I was diagnosed with a personality disorder at 19, after having a nervous breakdown brought on by my pediatrician prescribing Didrex (benzphetamine) for weight loss. My mom had suggested it bc she used it to lose baby weight in the 80s.

Three professionals talked to me for less than 5 minutes and diagnosed me and that diagnosis was fucking detrimental

Now I realize it was all patriarchal bullshit. I was really angry about it for a long time though

this is real.

struggling is real, too. it's not about denying people's suffering; it's about ending the myth that mhd are real, biological maladies versus harmful labels for adaption to harmful systems. when you study the origins of it all, as well as the current interests, it is bloody clear.

OCD isn't just "anxiety", and feeling like you're qualified to determine who is and isn't helped by medication is a dangerous pastime.

reading the accounts of people who have PhD's in this stuff who are saying we're overmedicated, especially in the US, isn't a dangerous past-time. For christ's sake stop projecting.