i have previously used n.e.u.r.i's for heightened situational anxiety. few months here and there over the years. i have cptsd to the point i'm considered disabled and have had doctors offer me full time use of brain chemical drugs. i'm sceptical because i have seen a lot of people substitute the drugs for therapy and more long-term coping skills.

my sister, who has terrible OCD in addition to our shared cptsd, is currently hooked on benzos (klonopin) and pops s.s.r.i's like tictacs. she's also a low functioning alcoholic who thinks it's funny that she's been lying to her therapist for 15 years.

the conspiratorial part of my brain (fellow ptsd ladies, i know you hear me!) wants me to think that it's just another money making trap in the giant pyramid scheme that is capitalism. my inner optimist hopes that the people who develop these things really think they're helping and just don't understand the potential revenge effects.

Klonopin can be a depressant. I used to take it and I’d be depressed for the next 2 days.

There’s also a side effect called rebound anxiety, but I’m not sure if it’s an experience of comparing the returning anxiety to the (Klonopin-induced) non-anxious state or whether the metabolization of Klonopin creates more anxiety.

Either way, it is helpful to have for panic attacks, despite that side effect.