There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that most peoples problems are caused by the modern world - working mundane jobs for and with people they dislike, in toxic and stressful environments, paying half their wage to landlords, never having enough down time for leisure and exercise and let’s not forget, the ability to maintain a healthy and rewarding diet.

Capitalism & patriarchy has literally ruined the human psyche and the planet.

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I have a theory that most people's problems with basic well-being are due to a poor diet. I see many people on social media complaining about being "tired", and they often seem to be implying it's for political reasons ("Trump makes me tired", etc.), but I wonder how much some B vitamins and iron would help, not to mention omega-3s, adequate protein, adequate cholesterol. I'd guess even a lot of people who think their diets are great for them have been betrayed by poor nutritional advice from "experts".