Honestly if a therapist can't clock an alcoholic, I'd be concerned. When I was a high functioning heroin addict, I fooled my therapist and psychiatrist for over a year. They had no clue even though I was very obviously a junkie lol

I haven't been back since going to rehab 6 years ago bc I'm still shocked at how fucking dumb both those men were

it's pretty amazing. she knows all the things to say. she cancels appointments when she's been on a long drunk and only goes when she's looking healthy-ish. people didn't believe me when i would talk about it, so i finally started taking people with me to her house in the middle of the day for my welfare checks. it's really hard to be passed out on the kitchen floor with your pants off at 11 in the morning. once i went to get my niece at 7am and she was already staggering drunk. like holding on to the hallway drunk.

she probably hasn't been to therapy for a hot minute, though. she's been looking like a walking corpse for the last 3 years. our granny died from alcoholism and it's like watching that all over again. every couple of months i get a stream of abusive text messages for 8 - 12 hours but mostly we leave eachother alone. i spend time with her kids, i wait in the driveway for them to come out of the house.