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recently, a friend of mine told me her psychiatrist said she might be "ciclotimic" because she has cicles in which she'll be anxious and full of energy, and she gets things done, etc. then she has periods of sadness and low energy, won't do stuff, etc. i was like "hmmmkay... so you're normal?"

life is stressful and we all have cicles. there are times when we are really motivated and times when our energy has been depleted and we need to slow down and "recharge". People require different time cicles, but i think it's normal. now this doc is out here saying she has a mental disorder similar to bipolar disorder (literally used to describe it) because she gets tired of her absurdly stressful routine and she needs meds to deal with it........ ??? wtf?

i while ago i was working at a job and a scientific research at the same time. the lab was far from home and i had to sleep in a friend's apartment. i couldn't cook there because the apartment was virtually empty. had to microave meals and eat fast food at the university. worked remotely from the lab at a job i hated. btw, i also hated the research, nothing worked, i was reaaaaaally tired and unhappy. had a sort of break up and was feeling super lonely... when i drpped all of that (a privilege, i know), my quality of life improved and i no longer feel depressed at all. i feel great, actually!

when we can't stay away from stressors (like a job you can't simply quit, or an abusive relationship you can't simply walk away from), we develop mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. you can search about it, it's science. that's why people need meds. they treat the symptom, not the root cause of the problem...

You ain't lying. Every mom I know, including myself, is on at least a low dose of antidepressants. We are all different classes, weights, races, etc. The one thing we have in common is that we are mothers, either single moms doing it all, or what I call Married Single Moms who get nothing but a paycheck and regular oil changes (not a euphemism) from their husbands

I realize it's totally anecdotal but like none of my childfree friends admit to being on meds and I don't think they'd lie to me about it.

I would love to see a real study done on this

mothers are the number one victims of overworking (is that a word?). i think they are the most overwhelmed and exploited of people. and the most blamed for everyone's mistakes. that's so unfair...

there are studies about the biological markers of depression. search for BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor - important for the health of neurons), stress and depression. You'll find real studies connecting stress and depression with low BDNF being a biological marker. chronic stress affects BDNF levels, which in turn appears to cause depression symptoms. it's very interesting and informative. ad it kind of explins why we currently live in a mental health crisis era. our modern life is very stressful and inescapable.