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It's true. And I know some of the notorious mods on AHS want to ban that sub.

[–] Maplefields 4 points (+4|-0)

I’m seeing AHS in recent comments everywhere. What does it stand for?

[–] lucrecia 9 points (+9|-0)

Againsthatesubreddits. Afaict it's a hate sub of guys who harass women under the cover of removing offensive content from reddit. They decide what counts as offensive, and it's full of the kinds of men who think women ought to be taught a lesson if they speak out of turn; men who dress up their controlling and obsessive behaviour as something more noble so that they can continue to get away with abusing their power if anyone asks questions. So they spy on tiny women's subs all the time, stalk women all over the website, and ignore things that are actually threatening.

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They censor women's subs, but allow subs that are virulently misogynistic to remain. They also harass women's health subs, but allow men's health subs to declare themselves to be "for men only".

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Unfortunately not American Horror Story, like I always think it is when I first see it.