Yes. I feel the same. I have a male friend who constantly talks (he has mental issues for obvious reasons) but I have discovered he looks down on me and glorifies himself. He can't stand it when I am right about anything or being talked back to when he accuses me of shit I have never done, said or thought. He jokes about feminist stuff and seems genuinely confused when I don't laugh or he seems equally confused/enraged when I agree with him. No, male on male violence is not as bad as the male on female violence. Mens murder in Iran DO matter less to me than all the women being killed. I do care more about female suffering than I do male suffering. He has told me he agrees with me. He does not. He's just another fake ass male feminist who wants to sleep with me.

Women, this is great advice in general. Talk like this around your male friends. Soon you will know who are your friends and who are just agreeing to everything you say, yet in the next moment tells you that you are being condescending towards them(they are the men who only want to get in your pants).

Mary the witch, 10/10 for your analysis

Yikes on bikes why are you friends with this scrote? I hope you get something out of it

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No longer friends. Yesterday was the last straw. He can die in his mom's house for all I care. He breaks her stuff in front of her on purpose. That's what he told me last time we met. This time he told me he hit someone that had been an idiot to him and he knew that person wouldn't go to the cops because some drug ladidadi. He has issues. He needs to fix them. Far away from me

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like you describe him I wouldn't call him a friend....

I no longer do. I had taken some time from him to see if it was me. It was not. It really was him. At the least sign of me standing up to myself he accused me of supporting western imperialsm(we were talking about mossad maybe helping out with the revolution in Iran) and when I explained myself (I don't give a f as long as they are liberated from the horror they are living under now) he accused me of talking all the time AND of being condescending all day. He had invited me home to his for dinner. I couldn't make his Darvo up if I had tried.

Mary the witch, 10/10 for your analysis

Oh thank you, but I just screenshotted this off of instagram, it's not my own analysis (though I very much agree to the post, of course).