This is actually how I feel about men?? Whoops. They're annoying, entitled and whiny. I have a very hard time not approaching and perceiving men as toddlers. I really, honestly, truly believe that men are inferior to women. Evolutionarily stunted, if you will. If not for their physical prowess, reproductive necessity and women's kind nature they would have Darwined out a long time ago. Any time I speak to a man I feel as if I am doing him a favour.

I like when sexist men start with the "wE BuiLt tHe BriDgEs mUh CiViliZatiOn" as if women wouldn't have built it much quicker and with less bloodshed lmfao. Pretending they would have been able to build or create anything if they hadn't enslaved women to be cooking their food and wiping their kids' asses.

It doesn't even matter that they created all this shit because they did it in such an imbalanced way that they trashed the goddamn planet in just a couple centuries. Women would have done everything much more intelligently and holistically.

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How could they have built civilization if they’re quite literally uncivilized?

Yeah they built "civilization" umm guys look around, it sucks and doesn't work at all and it's killing everything on earth including us