Omg this is my dad. Never fucking stops talking. I've learned to grey rock him bc he loves baiting ppl into arguments and debates

God, I hate that. There are so, so many men who can't have a real conversation. It's just them monologuing or trying to debate you.

This is exactly it. I've tried EVERYTHING over the years to get through to him including huge screaming fights, quietly trying to reason, letters I've written to explain where I'm coming from...nothing works except grey rocking and it sucks bc I would really like to ask his advice about things and discuss interesting things, but unless you agree with him completely, he's condescending, self righteous and ALWAYS has to be right.

It's fucking exhausting. At the end of the day he just likes hearing himself talk. And he's one of those "know what I mean? Know what I mean? Know what I mean?" people. I can't STAND ppl who say that after you've disagreed with them. Now instead of saying yes,I just say "I know what you mean and I understand what you're saying I just disagree with you fundamentally on this topic. Hey look Mission Impossible is on, what's your favorite episode?"

It's like dealing with a spoiled asshole child you can't discipline. Shut them down, distract. Shut them down, distract.