I shouldn't be, but I'm always confused why people are surprised when I express how much I distrust and dislike men. Women have so much more reason to hate men than men do for women. I've started telling guys that other men are the reason I don't associate with them. From an early age your father, brother(s), male friends, boyfriends will all openly tell you how slimey other men are and to be careful around them. Really it's their fault for the bad reputation.

I hate how it's socially acceptable to diss women and engage in other acts of casual misogyny, but the minute you say a word about men, it's a problem.

When I'm able to,I like to bring up statistics about how men commit the vast majority of violent crimes, or how the most dangerous time in a woman's life is when she's pregnant, or any of the other countless stats that prove men are trash

98% of mass shooters are men.

And good god am I sick of every movie being about men. Ugh.

Because they're all the directors and writers and everything. They claim to everybody it's because they're more creative and talented when it's literally because they never allowed us to build any kind of legacy. They are panicking now because we out-perform them in everything non-physical and cling to the days when they could forcefully beat our talent out of us.