This is actually how I feel about men?? Whoops. They're annoying, entitled and whiny. I have a very hard time not approaching and perceiving men as toddlers. I really, honestly, truly believe that men are inferior to women. Evolutionarily stunted, if you will. If not for their physical prowess, reproductive necessity and women's kind nature they would have Darwined out a long time ago. Any time I speak to a man I feel as if I am doing him a favour.

I like when sexist men start with the "wE BuiLt tHe BriDgEs mUh CiViliZatiOn" as if women wouldn't have built it much quicker and with less bloodshed lmfao. Pretending they would have been able to build or create anything if they hadn't enslaved women to be cooking their food and wiping their kids' asses.

It doesn't even matter that they created all this shit because they did it in such an imbalanced way that they trashed the goddamn planet in just a couple centuries. Women would have done everything much more intelligently and holistically.

[–] no- 4 points

How could they have built civilization if they’re quite literally uncivilized?

Yeah they built "civilization" umm guys look around, it sucks and doesn't work at all and it's killing everything on earth including us

This is so based I want to cry lmao.

They literally have a slower go at developing yet get babied by society and women have to pick up the slack yet we are seen as inferior?! I hope more women wake up and realize men are weak minded and long for the mines.

They rape and beat women into submission. There’s not much else going on with them.

I mean they are inferior, they're literally all broken females. We all start off as female then for some of us part of the X breaks off or some such shit, resulting in XY aka insufferable assholes

[–] SecondSkin 18 points Edited

This is anti science make believe.

Sex is determined at conception. We start as the sex we are at the moment of conception.

It’s only gender ideology anti science mythical thinking that means people don’t know this very basic fact of life.

No, that' s not what happens, and that argument is actually used by TIMs to claim femalehood.

I thought every fetus started developing as female until the testosterone kicked in. I always knew sex was determined at the moment of conception by the sex of the mans sperm cell but don't all fetuses start developing as female?

I'm irritated by most men's voices. They just talk way too much

Bingo. I’ve always assumed the men that complain about women who talk too much are just projecting.

They are also the worst gossips. And they fall apart emotionally a lot. They really are the weakest among us.

Not only are they huge gossips, their lack of attention to detail and poor memory makes it so all their gossip is constantly wrong and misrepresented. Have you ever had a man tell you a rumor? He'll only have heard 1/3 of it and not remembered who was involved. It's frustrating.

Omg this is my dad. Never fucking stops talking. I've learned to grey rock him bc he loves baiting ppl into arguments and debates

God, I hate that. There are so, so many men who can't have a real conversation. It's just them monologuing or trying to debate you.

This is exactly it. I've tried EVERYTHING over the years to get through to him including huge screaming fights, quietly trying to reason, letters I've written to explain where I'm coming from...nothing works except grey rocking and it sucks bc I would really like to ask his advice about things and discuss interesting things, but unless you agree with him completely, he's condescending, self righteous and ALWAYS has to be right.

It's fucking exhausting. At the end of the day he just likes hearing himself talk. And he's one of those "know what I mean? Know what I mean? Know what I mean?" people. I can't STAND ppl who say that after you've disagreed with them. Now instead of saying yes,I just say "I know what you mean and I understand what you're saying I just disagree with you fundamentally on this topic. Hey look Mission Impossible is on, what's your favorite episode?"

It's like dealing with a spoiled asshole child you can't discipline. Shut them down, distract. Shut them down, distract.

Mine died a year and half ago, and my mental health has improved so much wothout that presence in my life.

[–] Tq231442 4 points Edited

I love my dad and he's sweet but it's grandiose monologues 24 hours a day. I pretend to be asleep every time he wants to talk.

I shouldn't be, but I'm always confused why people are surprised when I express how much I distrust and dislike men. Women have so much more reason to hate men than men do for women. I've started telling guys that other men are the reason I don't associate with them. From an early age your father, brother(s), male friends, boyfriends will all openly tell you how slimey other men are and to be careful around them. Really it's their fault for the bad reputation.

I hate how it's socially acceptable to diss women and engage in other acts of casual misogyny, but the minute you say a word about men, it's a problem.

When I'm able to,I like to bring up statistics about how men commit the vast majority of violent crimes, or how the most dangerous time in a woman's life is when she's pregnant, or any of the other countless stats that prove men are trash

98% of mass shooters are men.

And good god am I sick of every movie being about men. Ugh.

Because they're all the directors and writers and everything. They claim to everybody it's because they're more creative and talented when it's literally because they never allowed us to build any kind of legacy. They are panicking now because we out-perform them in everything non-physical and cling to the days when they could forcefully beat our talent out of us.

[–] Iceni 24 points Edited

Indeed, the reason I don't like men very much is because of their absolute hatred of women. If you ever try to talk to a man about this he will say he doesn't hate women. He personally has never hit a woman. He is a nice guy he will say. He will undoubtedly have gone along with misogynist jokes and locker room talk though. He will never admit that he benefits from patriarchy and has no desire to upset that apple cart.

It's a default position for men to belittle and abhor women. The reverse seems horrifying to them.

This legitimately describes me, and I'm cackling.

Look, I love specific men. I genuinely do. But men in general? I don't understand them, and I don't particularly want to. They're selfish and self-absorbed and frankly rather monstrous.

Couldn't have said it better myself

I would rather be alone than with a dude any day. I find them untrustworthy, thirsty, and embarrassing. The audacity is unbelievable. No thanks

I have been a widow for over 20 years. I lost my husband 10 days before I turned 31 and then miscarried 2 weeks later.

Since then I have looked at men, But I find I can't trust them. I no longer believe their motives are anything other than self satisfaction and that they will lie, cheat, steal, gaslight, or do whatever they can to make you think that they are doing you a favor with their attention. Do I miss physical intimacy? At times.

I have been curious about women for a long time and have started looking at my attraction to them.

But, I can't see myself retiring with a man in my life. I value me more than any man's fee fees

Even before I knew about feminism, men would irritate me and I seldom gave them the benefit of the doubt. The confusion, the utter shock - people, men and women, couldn't grasp why I'd possibly feel this way about men. Very crazy since most people feel this way about women.

Not to mention men who freak out when their daughters start dating.

They know. They know.

One of my best friends has always been this way. I always knew she was wiser than me long before I found feminism. Now I don’t know how it took so long for the scales to fall off my eyes.

[–] proudcatlady 13 points Edited

This is literally me and it does not make life easy lmao. Everyone is so offended by it but it’s literally just this. Exactly how they treat us except with actual reasons because they actually ARE untrustworthy, unfunny, etc. Imagine being the only sane person in the room and being hated for it.

The PROJECTION at the unfunny part lmfaooo. I remember the male class clowns I would only laugh because I was afraid of them because they were so mean.

I cry laughing until tears run down my face with my girlfriends 🤣🤣

that's the thing about power and patriarchy; the class in power is analyzed differently. men really are that

Yes. I feel the same. I have a male friend who constantly talks (he has mental issues for obvious reasons) but I have discovered he looks down on me and glorifies himself. He can't stand it when I am right about anything or being talked back to when he accuses me of shit I have never done, said or thought. He jokes about feminist stuff and seems genuinely confused when I don't laugh or he seems equally confused/enraged when I agree with him. No, male on male violence is not as bad as the male on female violence. Mens murder in Iran DO matter less to me than all the women being killed. I do care more about female suffering than I do male suffering. He has told me he agrees with me. He does not. He's just another fake ass male feminist who wants to sleep with me.

Women, this is great advice in general. Talk like this around your male friends. Soon you will know who are your friends and who are just agreeing to everything you say, yet in the next moment tells you that you are being condescending towards them(they are the men who only want to get in your pants).

Mary the witch, 10/10 for your analysis

Yikes on bikes why are you friends with this scrote? I hope you get something out of it

[–] Benny83 12 points Edited

No longer friends. Yesterday was the last straw. He can die in his mom's house for all I care. He breaks her stuff in front of her on purpose. That's what he told me last time we met. This time he told me he hit someone that had been an idiot to him and he knew that person wouldn't go to the cops because some drug ladidadi. He has issues. He needs to fix them. Far away from me

[–] Disappearanceoftheychromosomer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 8 points

like you describe him I wouldn't call him a friend....

I no longer do. I had taken some time from him to see if it was me. It was not. It really was him. At the least sign of me standing up to myself he accused me of supporting western imperialsm(we were talking about mossad maybe helping out with the revolution in Iran) and when I explained myself (I don't give a f as long as they are liberated from the horror they are living under now) he accused me of talking all the time AND of being condescending all day. He had invited me home to his for dinner. I couldn't make his Darvo up if I had tried.

Mary the witch, 10/10 for your analysis

Oh thank you, but I just screenshotted this off of instagram, it's not my own analysis (though I very much agree to the post, of course).

I also don't like the way men smell. Ugh. When I was young, I'd have to leave the room when my brothers got sweaty because it was just gross. Weirdly, this is what they say about women, although from my observation, women are much more likely to bathe, use deodorant and practice oral hygiene.

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