Yeah, they had to take the "praying mantis" position out of the Karma Sutra. Shame.

Whatever you do, don't mention the octopus! I said, don't mention the octopus!

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well now i need to google 'octopus sex' don't i!

i was really sad until i read this might be to stop the female eating her babies

The myth that female praying mantids must and always eat their mates was based on poor science in the 50s. Early (male, ahem) researchers observed mantids in small cages and didn't feed them enough. So the females were hungry and the males couldn't get away from them after mating. (Males can fly better than females. They're also slimmer and smaller.) In the 70s new research as done with presumably better fed mantids outdoors. The incidence of females eating males after sex went down. Way down.

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True, but the suggestion that we humans start imitating them is still valid - after all, being oppressed under patriarchy is a bit like being imprisoned in a tiny cage with not enough food. ;) We are not living under ideal conditions, for sure.

What I take away from this experiment is that female praying mantids have the option of cannibalism at their disposal if things aren't ideal.

Just like many small mammals tend to eat their young after giving birth when there's a protein shortage or conditions are not good for raising offspring..There's animals who never do this, and then there's ones who ... sometimes do it.

I would never say it's "valid" to suggest that humans should start behaving like insects or other creatures that cannibalize. Granted, we already do cannibalize our young and each other. Literally and figuratively. Which is generally not a good practice from a social, psychological or health perspective. Look up airplane crash and shipwreck survivor's stories. And Kuru. (And vorarephilia, ahem.)

De-evolution ain't ever a good idea. We should aspire to go forward as a species. Not sideways, or back.