The fact he wasn't fired on the spot makes it abundantly clear that the admin knows damn well he's not a woman.

I bet the guy is angling to get fired and get a big payday in court. It's a game of chicken. Failing that, perhaps he can get some kind of "disability" for his special problems. "Everyone is so mean to me, I can't work here anymore!"

He couldn’t be fired. The school board is following the law up there, laws they didn’t create.

I cannot help but think that no matter what the law, if this was a women she'd be fired on the spot, lose her license, and shunned by polite society.

Naw, if it was a woman the law wouldn't mean shit and nobody would contest her firing.

The cartoon doesn't even begin to capture the ridiculousness of the fake boobs.

Stonetoss is a Nazi.

Don't know why you're getting downvoted. We need to say things like that so lurkers don't think we agree with him.

Three comics Stonetoss made that promote holocaust denial: https://i.imgur.com/dMwxSnf.jpg ...very much a neo-nazi

[–] SaintHedwig 17 points Edited

Eesh, I can see defending the first one as a critique on the History Channel's rating-chasing alien content as well as the very real threat to white people in rural South Africa (have an Asian friend who travelled there and told me stories as a neutralish third party), but the other two are definitely straight-out Holocaust denial.

People here support Babylon bee, Matt Walsh, etc.

People here support Babylon bee, Matt Walsh, etc.

God forbid we support any media outlet that doesn't parrot 100% of our personal politics. 🙄

Its entirely possible to acknowledge that Walsh and The Bee occasionally do some great satire/reporting and also be critical when they say or do something dumb. This left wing purity nonsense is how we got in this situation where all the mainstream "news" outlets are just preachers for trans dogma

I don’t know why you’re getting downvoted. I definitely feel on guard here because of this. None of these sources or outlets are cute, funny, or even insightful.

It's weird. Stonetoss comics have unfortunately been posted on this site before. But last time I pointed it out, on the "male feminist" comic, my comment got deleted by a moderator. The stated reason for the deletion was that my comment was quote/unquote "nonsense." I don't know why people on this site are defending this guy.

He's as much of a neo-nazi as you can possibly get. He thinks the Holocaust didn't happen, and that Jews are trying to replace the glorious white race. He also hates feminism and gay people. I'd be happy to post comics proving this, if anyone still doubts me.

A broken clock is right twice a day, but I don't think we should be associating with the guy.

And a literal Nazi. Not a “literal Nazi” like we supposedly are. He actually is anti-Semitic.

[–] Disappearanceoftheychromosomer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 4 points

I don't know if Stonetoss is a nazi, but you can be antisemitic and not a nazi, think of most muslims in the middle east. There are other political requirements to be a national socialist other than antisemitism.

Well he hates Jews and doesn't think the Holocaust happened. Maybe he isn't a Nationalist Socialist per se, but with those kinds of qualifications it's almost like there isn't any difference.

I didn’t know this but fuck him. We shouldn’t even entertain his comics. I’m sure there’s some GC/radfem artists that make just as good if not better comics that we could be platforming instead of this nazi creep.

[–] Escapedacult 46 points Edited
[–] Maplefields 26 points Edited

In case anyone missed the detail in the comments, that video is from 2021-08-18. This pervert has been doing this for quite a while.

Oh my god. You know he is looking around because he is hoping to be catcalled.

For fucks sake. I had imagined them as just foam or plastic. That’s absolutely 100% ridiculous. How fucking dare they

It looks like he has two beer bellies with outie belly buttons. If he thinks he’s sexy he’s sorely mistaken 😂

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stonetoss the man sucks, but this comic hits the nail on the head.

I'm shocked more liberals aren't denouncing this perv and the way his school district protected him. Wearing fetish gear to work is obviously not appropriate. It's a month and some change before midterms- way to rally the conservatives! Concerns about education (Loudoun county) is how Youngkin won Virginia.

[–] MenHaveItEasy Moid Respecter 16 points Edited

"The terfs are platforming Stonetoss!"

Says the men in the TRA community who are committing crimes to get their internet history wiped because they regularly threaten to rape women they hate. Or write and sell books on Amazon where they publish lengthy novels about their fantasies of raping and dismembering- you guessed it - women they hate.

Kiss my ass, scrotes. The one thing that unites everyone is being sick of your perverted movement.

Tldr: TRAs worship sex offenders like Lucas Roberts and that Canadian teacher just because men like them are TIMs.

Just because Stonetoss is right about the trans movement, doesn't mean we should be platforming him. He hates gays, black people, Jews, and women. He's INFINITELY worse than Matt Walsh, even. There isn't a single prejudice you can name that he doesn't seem to hold, and we shouldn't associate with him even if he puts out a few good comics.

[–] MenHaveItEasy Moid Respecter 2 points Edited

Unless it becomes a regular thing, I will acknowledge a stopped clock. What's annoying is that everyone agrees with the comic, but the cartoonist who beat everyone to the punchline was Stonetoss. But due to the topic, it was bound to be a right winger anyway.

Just to clarify that reposting of articles/media does not mean I endorse or agree with every other thing said person has drawn/written etc etc etc

When can we start posting radfem/GC comic artists instead of these creeps?

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