no one cared until they started shouting TWAW, theres a big difference between expressing yourself and trying to steal someone else's identity, define their existence and gobble up all their rights as your own.

Yeah, at first I thought the expression was harmless and just meant "let's be polite to these weirdos", but it's becoming more and more apparent that it's just a men's rights movement aiming to destroy our hard fought protections. I can't think of one thing they aren't ruining for us, opportunities for girls to play sports, safety of very young YMCA campers, the right of children to not participate in their teacher's sexual fetishes, abortion rights movement, respect for new mothers in delivery units, safety for vulnerable women in jails and domestic violence shelters, online and irl lesbian communities. It's just one insane thing after another, it's gone way past "please don't murder me because I'm dressed differently". They've realized they can get away with absolutely everything these days, the train has gone off the tracks and there are no breaks.