Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but don't the rules of Spanish pronunciation make shit like "Latinx" difficult/impossible to pronounce for native speakers?

I’m not a native speaker I do feel the need to throw that disclaimer, but yeah the way that word is set up does not work in Spanish.

And the most ridiculous bit of it all is there are gender neutral forms. “Latine” is a word gaining a decent bit of traction and that actually flows in the Spanish language. There’s also always just “Latin”. But no they have to say “Latinx”. That is an active choice they say to stand out and look special it’s in the same league as “folx>folks” it’s literally just virtue signaling bs

I don’t think “Latin” works either to describe us. As we know, Spanish comes from Latin but I wouldn’t describe us that way. I’m not even sure if Latino or Latina is the best way to describe a multi-racial group.

We do use Latin in that way in English, though it's a mostly-outdated use. I personally like it better than calling everyone Hispanic since apparently that label does not apply to all Latin American people. Anyway, having Spanish ancestry isn't a skin color -- we differentiate between race and ethnicity. Or most of us do. Sometimes I see government forms that get it entirely backwards: skin color as ethnicity, Latin background as race. Nope. Switch it back around.