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I am super proud of my language because:

-First, every noun has a gender which I thinks makes mental space to fight against steriotypes. If the word "person" is femenine and the word "boredom" is masculine, the word "chair" is femenine, the word "make-up" is masculine. It leds you to conceptualize a world in which some good things are femenine and bad things masculine. In english for the contrary the only things reffered as femenine are objects: like boats, agencies, cars or institutions. I find that terribly sexist.

-Second, when I learned english slang I became horrorized of the type of insults and slurs that english people have for women. The worse you can say in Spain is "bitch" there is not a worse insult to a woman than that. English on the other hand with shit like "cunt", "hole", "c*mbucket"... absolutely horryfing. If people are interested I could make a post about that.

That would be awesome please do make a post about that!

While many people dislike languages with grammatical gender like Spanish due to the " generic masculine " rule among other things it does have good things about it too like you mentioned plus like you said there does seem like there is significantly more misogyny in English than Spanish despite the fact that the Anglophone world is supposedly more advanced and civilized and " pro-woman " than the supposedly backward Hispanophone world...